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Happy 21st Birthday to Chance the Rapper.

Happy birthday Chance The Rapper! Today our beloved Chancelor Bennett turns 21, he’s came a long way and is now so successful an shall get even farther. I hope he has wonderful birthday, he deserves it. We love you Chano!

I wish I had chance merch so fucking bad.

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Happy 21st birthday, Chancelor Bennett!

Happy 21st Birthday Chancelor

Happy 21st Birthday Chancelor Bennett (April 16,2014)

Chance, ACID RAPPER - Happy Birthday baby 🎈🎉🍺🍻🍸


Happy 21st Birthday to One of my Favorites! Chancelor Bennett A.K.A Chance The Rapper!

He hella excited tho! Ain’t that right babe?

Ahhh, just look at him!

His smile..

The way he smokes {umf!!}

Just….Him In General!

Happy Birthday Chancelor Bennett. Love You.

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In a time where so many artists sound the same, I came across an artist who is different. Chance the Rapper is my definition of a perfect artist. He doesn’t have a box in which he is confined. Whatever direction he wants to take his music in, he can. He can go from collabs with people like Twista, to people like Justin Bieber, and sound as perfect as ever. His music is the first music I’ve honestly fell in love with. Although there are a lot of things he talks about that don’t really hit home with me, there are also many things that do. The messages of a lot of his music are relatable, not just to me, but to so many people. Listening to Chance has changed the way I listen to music to also. Seeing him live, and him being the first artist I’ve ever seen live, opened my eyes, well, my ears, to music in a different way. I really LISTEN to the music now. I notice little things about songs that I wouldn’t notice before, and it just makes everything better. He has also exposed me to a bunch of other artists that I may have never come across if it weren’t for him having a song with them. I also have so much respect for him, his work ethic, and the way he treats his fans. Being independent of a record label these days probably isn’t so easy, but Chance and Pat, and the rest of the team put in so much work, and grind so hard, and it definitely shows. And his love for his fans is unreal. I have never seen an artist show SO much love for their fans the way he does. You can tell he has so much appreciation for us, and that he genuinely does what he does for us. Overall, Chance is a great artist and an even greater person. Though I haven’t talked to him or met him in person -& hopefully that changes really soon!- I am so happy that God blessed the world with him 21 years ago, today. As much as he’s impacted my life, I know he has one million times the impact on his friends’ and family’s lives. 
Happy Birthday Chano! You deserve a perfect day. Enjoy it & and TURNNNNN UHHHH RIGHHHH NOWWWW! 😘

Happy Birthday to Chancelor Bennett.


Happy 43rd Birthday To The Beautiful…Queen Selena!

Rest Easy Beautiful..

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( I am in love with this pic of him )